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HASHTIV provides the new generation with a viable social media platform, where YOUR DATA remains your DATA. Your IP remains your IP. We are the first GDPR-compliant social media platform that respects the privacy of everyone, everywhere. HASHTIV also delivers new product lines to social interactions. Music, Podcasts, Audiobooks & Education readily available to everyone with a generous revenue-sharing model for content creators. HASHTIV makes it easier than ever to discover, manage & share music with your friends surf globally & interact with like-minded individuals all while simultaneously listening to your playlist or podcast of your choice. We lead with Transparency & Accountability.

Our Eco System

Privacy & Accountability

Our platform is the product, not you. Your personal information and content are explicitly yours, not ours. You control your newsfeed and what posts appear in it. We do not manipulate, filter or change the order of your newsfeed. We do not sell your personal information. You have the ability to delete your account and take your content with you at any time.

GDPR Compliance

We want our users to know that Hashtiv adheres to the highest moral and ethical standards. As we continue to upgrade, enhance and add features to the platform, our goal is to abide by GDPR guidelines as well as establish new standards for the internet.

Content Ownership

You own 100% of your personal information and content.

Open Beta

Collecting feedback to enrich your world as we continue to grow.

Creating A Better Social Network


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Create your own group or event connect and share your interests with like-minded people.


Music. Podcast. Audio Books

Listen to the best Music radio shows, free and on demand, only on HASHTIV Audio.


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Share your story on a global stage. Connect with people around the world in real-time.



Is a great way to connect with friends, chat with family, send photos, stay connected 24hrs a day in real time.



Building gamified solutions to meet and fit the needs of the current generation.


Bevon Moore

CEO & Founder

David Bray


Jim Franklin



Phil Komarny

VP, Innovation at Salesforce.com

Karen Eagle, PhD

Entrepreneurship Area Director at ODU

Rickie Moore, PhD

Head of MBA Entrepreneurship Studies

Nicole M. Weyer

Program Director